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Common misconceptions:

Common misconceptions:

Some of most common misconceptions concerning paternity leave are:

•    If your partner is having twins or triplets you aren’t entitled to more leave and benefits. Unfortunately, you get the same two weeks as everyone else.

•    You aren’t entitled to paid leave to accompany your partner to antenatal appointments, although many employers will allow this.

However it's important to know that:

If your child is still born, or born early, you are still entitled to your two weeks paternity leave.

All parents are also entitled to take up to 13 weeks parental leave. This can be taken any time from when the child is born until they are six, but it is unpaid and you need to have worked for your company for at least one year. All employers are also obliged to consider a request for flexible working hours or to go part-time.

For more information speak to your Human Resources manager at work, your local Job centre plus or visit money and work entitlements section.

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