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Happy Kids Happy You: linguistic techniques for parents
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It's time to go to school or playgroup or wherever and your blessed little one will not put their shoes on, or their coat. And despite your clear instructions and goading, there is no budging them. So the positive soon turns into a negative and before you know it you are threatening them with loss of privileges or whatever else you can think of. These frustrating moments when you have locked behavioural horns with a two-six year-old are common to all parents. Most of us battle through, clinging on the scraps of sanity and self-dignity that we can along the way. But when continued conflict with her elder daughter after the birth of her second child began plague Sue Beever, she developed an interesting approach to resolving it and this has become the subject of her book 'Happy Kids Happy You.'

Prior to being a mother, Sue was an accomplished physiotherapist who had also had a career in IT backpacked across the Swiss Alps. She imagined that by attending antenatal classes and reading all about parenthood, she would be prepared for the task. "Whilst I had the capacity to understand lots about physics, physiotherapy and even IT, this cut no ice with my wailing, red faced baby!" she admits. Before the birth of her second child, Sue studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and went on to become an NLP practioner. By applying what she learned through NLP into her role as a parent, Sue found that she was quickly improving her relationship with her children. After studying to be a Master Practitioner, Sue started to give workshops and offer coaching to parents. 'Happy Kids Happy You' is a practical guide to how to harness the power of language and positive thinking to change the way we react towards our children.


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