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Keep your kids safe in the sun!
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Staying safe in the sun


Excellent protection: sunglasses, a hat and a T-shirt! - Staying safe in the sun
Excellent protection: sunglasses, a hat and a T-shirt!
1- Don't expose children under the age of three to the sun, and if you do, use total sunblock on them.

2- Young children should not be out in the sun during the hottest part of the day, between 11am and 4pm.

3- Don’t forget that although the sun can be dangerous, it's also good for us! After just 10 minutes in the sunshine, our bodies start producing Vitamin D, which helps us absorb calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

4- Protect children with hats with visors or brims, sunglasses and light, long-sleeved T-shirts.

5- Use cream with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF), preferably ones that are specially developed for babies and children.

6- Apply the cream ½ an hour before you go out so that it is effective as soon as your children are exposed to the sun.

7- Re-apply protection every half hour on children under the age of three, and every two hours for over-threes.

8- Even in the shade and when it's cloudy, protect your children's skin. 80% of harmful UV rays penetrate through the clouds.

9- Avoid using perfumed products which makes skin even more sun-sensitive.

10- Make sure your children drink plenty of water regularly to avoid dehydration.


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