Online safety: what to tell your kids

Keep kids safe online
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Keep kids safe online

Keep kids safe online

The Internet is amazing; there's no denying that. After all, WeWomen wouldn't even be here without it... 

But for every excellent, child-friendly site, there's a dodgy, disturbing site that you don't want your kids seeing, so guaranteeing their online safety can be pretty challenging.

In just a few clicks, your kids could be looking at wildly inappropriate content, or even end up talking to an online predator.

It's a double edged sword: of course, you want to let your kids explore the Internet and learn how to use it safely (it's also kind of unrealistic to think that you can keep them from using it entirely))=, but you also want to keep them from harmful sites. 

To make matters even more complicated, most cell phones now have access to the Internet. You'd do serious damage to your child's street cred if you insisted on watching them every time they picked up their phone.

So what measures can you take to ensure your children can browse the web safely?

We spoke to Simon Ellson, the mobile security expert from Norton and Andrew Wild, Chief Security Officer of Cybersecurity, to get their top tips on keeping kids safe online.

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