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Festival babysitters

As much as you love your children, there may come a point in the day where you’ve had your fill of face painting. That’s where Boutique Babysitting comes in – a new childcare service launching this year. Suitable for children aged 2-8, it gives parents the chance to enjoy some grown-up time, knowing their kids are happy and in safe hands.

“We think that festivals are an amazing place for children,” says Lisa Merrick-Lawless, co-founder of Boutique Babysitting, “but as a mother of two, I also think it can be tiring, and a couple of hours off adds to the experience for everyone.”

“We launched at Latitude this year and it was amazing to see it all come to life, the parents skipped out of the gate singing freedom and the children loved it so much many of them re-booked for the following evening.”

Jo Middleton
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