How to festival with kids
Prepare for festivals with the kids
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Prepare for festivals with the kids

Nicky Richards (pictured) took her daughter Megan, five, to Camp Bestival last year for her first festival experience. “It was fantastic fun!” says Nicky. 'Megan had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the freedom. She particularly liked being allowed to stay up late and not having to have a bath!'

Nicky made sure she had everything she needed, including festival essentials such as wellies, wipes, sun cream, and raincoats.

'You can’t predict the British weather', says Nicky, 'so you have to go prepared for all eventualities! I was really glad that we took a stash of snacks and drinks. We did buy our meals on site but having our own supply of cereal bars and juice saved us a lot of money.'

Do think too about sleep - lots of festivals have family camping areas but they can still be noisy, especially in the mornings. It’s best not to stay up too late on the first night at least - you don’t want to spend the weekend with grumpy children.

Jo Middleton
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