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First day at school
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Transition to junior school, middle school, starting key stage 2


© Bedford Modern School
© Bedford Modern School
For those children making the transition from an infant school to a junior school (as opposed to continuing primary school until the age of 11), their first day at junior school is similar to the first day at secondary school: now they're off to big school with the big kids.

Your child will probably be excited about going, but a bit anxious too. This is totally normal, as they're going to be with older children and they know that important lessons are in store for them.

When choosing a school bag, go for one with shoulder straps that supports their back and has enough room for lunchbox, pencil case, books, etc, but not one that's so big it's difficult to carry. Avoid fashionable bags that don't suit your child's age and height.

Your first task is to reassure them that everything will be all right: learning to read is fantastic! They'll be able to read all by themselves, or even read stories to you.

Explain that they need to follow a regular routine. If they've not already developed good sleeping habits, now is the time to enforce a few rules: from now on, bedtime is at the same time every evening so that they get at least ten hours sleep every night (twelve if possible).


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