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Choosing Christmas gifts for kids
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Christmas gifts for children: how many presents is too many?


In theory: There's no ideal number of gifts to give, according to our expert: "Children will use the ones they want and leave those they don't aside. In reality, there's no need or obligation to give them lots of toys." By using their imagination, children can amuse themselves with very little. "But our society is consumer-driven, and children's toys are no exception! When we buy toys, we experience the pleasure of purchasing. It's up to parents to bring their children up in such a way that they don't depend on consumerism, and this requires effort on everyone's part."
In practice: Don't make yourself feel guilty! Christmas is a time to make your child happy. It's all about the myth and mystery of Father Christmas. Spend intelligently, as you would usually spend for your family.

For example, instead of buying your kids the latest high-tech gadgets, go for a variety of types of present: a board game if you tend to play together at home, a game that your child has put on their list to Father Christmas, and a game that will be of long-term use, such as a children's microscope or atlas.


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