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Choosing Christmas gifts for kids
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Gender-based toys for girls and boys


© Corolle
© Corolle
In theory: "The important thing is to choose a toy that the child likes", says Gilles Brougère.
The gender-based categories in which we put toys are adult categories. Children will go for the toy that appeals to them, without thinking of anything else.
"The borders between boys and girls toys comes from marketing and ancient traditions", explains our expert. Colours (pink for girls, blue for boys) that are distinctly emphasized by toy manufacturers have an impact on our choice of presents.

In practice: when they're little, it doesn't matter whether you give a doll to your son or a Spiderman costume to your daughter!
If you watch children closely, you'll see that a boy won't play with a Barbie doll in the same way that a girl will: "Boys are focused on expulsion and competition, whereas girls are more focused on intimacy and introspection", highlights Armelle Le Bigot Macaux of market research organization ABC+.

One doll manufacturer, Corolle, now makes unisex dolls and special dolls for boys!
Given that modern day dads change babies' nappies, give them their bottle and take them out in the pushchair, why not let your 2 year old do like Mum AND Dad?!
Professor Brougère reassures us that: "children will very quickly settle into the girl/boy categories and want very differentiated toys".


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