Homework help for kids: Have happier homework sessions
Do a bit every day
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Do a bit every day

Do you know the key to happier homework sessions? It's a one word answer: routine.

Noel says it's really important to get your kidlette into the habit of sitting down and doing their homework every weekday evening.

That might sound a bit harsh, but it's actually really useful. "Routines reduce resistance," says Noel. "A routine that parents insist upon frees the child's mind from very negative and debilitating emotions."

Those two emotions are as follows - that nagging worry your little one will feel about when or even if they will be able to force themselves to do their homework, and the guilt they feel when they leave homework too late to do a good job.

If you say to them that they have to do a little bit every day, that worrying is taken away. How very kind of you.

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