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Holiday reels: Movie magic for the whole family

Love Actually (2003)


© Universal - Love Actually (2003)
© Universal
If you haven't seen this movie yet, shame on you. If you saw it and didn't like it, you should be arrested as a threat to society. No normal person could object to how amazingly charming, funny and heartwarming this movie is.

"Love Actually" is actually 10 seperate, yet intertwined stories about love, loss, happiness, regret, and how all these emotions get a hundred times more potent around Christmas.

In case you weren't already convinced, here are five reasons to love Love Actually:

1- It's British
2- The part when the 12-year-old kid jumps over airport security to say goodbye to a girl.
3- Hugh Grant is Prime Minister. And dances. DANCES.
4- The part when Snape (well, Alan Rickman really, but you know...) tells his employee that he knows about her crush on her colleague and she should just DO something already.
5- Any time Keira Knightley shows up wearing a weird early 2000s crop top in the middle of winter.


Anne Cohen
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