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Holiday reels: Movie magic for the whole family

Elf (2003)


© New Line Cinema - Elf (2003)
© New Line Cinema
Has it really been 9 years since Elf was released? That seems like enough time to establish cult movie cred. 

Buddy is a Christmas elf. After all, he was raised in the North Pole by Papa Elf, knows Santa Claus and loves Christmas.

Except he's not.

One day, Buddy is informed that he is in fact a human, and that his real father, Walter, lives in New York City. Armed with this knowledge, Buddy heads off to the Big Apple to find his real family, only to be mercilessly taunted by mean New Yorkers who don't believe in Santa Claus. With the help of his half-brother Michael, and a cute department store pretend-elf named Jovi, it is up to Buddy to remind people what Christmas is all about, and reclaim his family along the way.

Will Ferell plays Buddy, the overgrown cheery elf. Highlights include the epic snowball scene in Central Park when Buddy defends his sibling from bullies, and Buddy attacking the Macy's Santa for being an imposter.  


Anne Cohen
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