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Darkness and children, night light, children and night time

Darkness and children, night light, children and night time
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> Put a night light in the bedroom or give your child a torch.
The important thing is to give your child control of the light so that they can turn it on if the need arises. Taking control of the situation might be enough to settle your child and they might not even need to use the light.
If your child prefers a night light to a torch, make sure it's clear you can't have both lights on at once, otherwise it will get out or hand: one light, then two, then the hallway light, the door left wide open. This won't solve the problem. Leave the door slightly ajar and the hallway light on.

> Light up the way with fluorescent sticks to help children get their bearings and find the door handle and light switch. Create a little path on the floor or wall leading to the door. Make a game out of sticking these on the walls together to make it fun. 

Test out the route before bed-time, stay with your child, close the curtains, turn off the light and locate the fluorescent sticks, following the path up to the door, hand in hand. Then get your child to do it alone, sit yourself down next to the door and get him to come and find you. This will help your child get used to the darkness.


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