First baby. First-time nerves
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First night out with your partner
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First night out with your partner

Going out with your partner but without your baby, may feel like you’ve lost a limb initially. But not only will it give you both a break, it’s important to make time for yourselves as a couple. ‘Looking after a baby is all-absorbing,’ says Liz. ‘Sometimes you have to step back and be “grown ups” together again.’

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•    ‘Make sure the person looking after your baby is someone you have confidence in,’ says Liz. For example your mother, mother-in-law or a good friend who has children.

•    Keep a list of important telephone numbers (doctor, hospital, neighbours etc) by the phone. ‘And don’t forget you can call in if you’re nervous,’ says Liz.

•    Staying local can help give you extra peace of mind that you’re just minutes away should you be needed.

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