First baby. First-time nerves
First time at a supermarket
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First time at a supermarket

Food shopping takes energy and organization at the best of times. Will you manage practically? Will your baby start to scream mid-shop?

Tackle it

•    Start by shopping online or do smaller shops more locally. ‘There’s no pressure to do a supermarket shop any sooner than you feel able to,’ says clinical psychologist Angharad Rudkin.

•    If after time you know you’re actively avoiding it though, think about what’s really worrying you, then work out a way to deal with it. For example you could take someone with you, such as your mum or your partner who can help you deal with any tricky situations.

•    Reward yourself afterwards. ‘Most supermarkets have a coffee shop, so treat yourself to a tea and cake after getting the shop done,’ says Angharad.

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