First baby. First-time nerves

First night at home
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First night at home

Everyday things you used to do without thinking can suddenly seem daunting once your newborn arrives. Sarah Hart finds out how to cope with – and even enjoy – some of your first-time experiences

First night at home

You’ve been looking forward to the moment you first bring your baby home for months. But the realization that you’re in charge now, can be overwhelming!

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•    ‘Trust your gut feelings,’ says maternity nurse Liz Steer. ‘Nine out ten times what you feel is right will be right for your baby.’

•    Resist the temptation to read too many babycare books. ‘Books can be a good guide,’ says Liz. ‘But the bottom line is every baby is different!’

•    Mastering some practical skills, like how to fit the car seat, can help combat nerves. If you’re breastfeeding, make sure you’re shown how to do it before you leave hospital.

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