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Father-daughter, life success

Father-daughter, life success

Later on, in professional terms, what's the impact of the father on his daughter?
At a later stage in life, the father recognizes his daughter as a person unto herself.
He values her intellectual abilities, not just her femininty (as a wife and mother). He will encourage her to study hard and not to depend on men. We're currently witnessing a phenomen which is quite noticeable among thirty-somethings: they have been pushed to succeed in their careers at the expense of their personal life.

How do you explain that?
Certain fathers experience a kind of denial of their daughter's femininity and see her  professional success as a sort of extension of themselves. This is especially true when there's no son in the family. The father may see his daughter's career as a way of achieving what he hasn't been able to achieve himself, by proxy.


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