Cyber-bullying: What you can do to help your kids
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Though cyber-bullying doesn't stop when you leave the classroom (which is part of what makes it so dangerous), prevention measures can be taken at the school level to educate kids about the potential risks that come with a strong online presence. 
Stop A Bully was founded by an teacher from British Columbia, Trevor Knowlton, in the aftermath of a bullying incident at the school where he worked. Run entirely by volunteers, the non-profit organization helps schools across Canada play a more active part in the prevention of bullying by providing important information and tactics to increase accessibility and accountability.

The point of all this is to get as many victims and witnesses to bullying to report incidents as they happen, without fear of reprisals. Roughly 60 schools have joined so far. In the aftermath of the Amanda Todd suicide, the organization has had to turn off their School Request service - they simply can't keep up with the number of demands. 
Monica Wierzbicki, who volunteers for Stop A Bully, explains that more needs to be done at the school level to make sure that kids are aware of how serious the situation can get. 
"Schools need to raise awareness about the issue of bullying and they need to continue throughout the year," she says. "One assembly at the beginning of the school year isn't enough. Part of the curriculum needs to be an examination of what happens when bullying gets out of hand and there need to be discussions about the fact that constant bullying - excluding people, making fun of them, posting cruel things about them online, etc,- actions like this can have serious consequences, both to the individual being bullied, and the instigator."

Anne Cohen
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