Cyber-bullying: What you can do to help your kids
Talk to your kid
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Talk to your kid

According to Goldman, the first thing that you can do to prevent cyber-bullying is have honest and frank conversations with your kids.

"To prevent your kids from being the target of a cyber-bullying attack, you want to make sure that they know never to talk online with strangers about sex because they end up in vulnerable situations - which is what happened to Amanda Todd; she ended up in a vulnerable situation with someone she didn't know in real life," Goldman says. 

You might also want to sit down with your kids and talk about Internet safety and privacy. "Kids give each other their passwords, including boyfriends and girlfriends" Goldman explains. "But friendships break up and so do romantic relationships and when they do , all of a sudden all that trust can be dangerous. So we tell kids 'Don"t ever share your password.' We also tell kids to be suspicious of getting a message from someone online that doesn't sound like that person. Kids have to learn to take these measures of protection."

Monika Wierzbicki, who works for Stop A Bully - an organization devoted to promoting awarenss about bullying in schools across Canada - agrees. She adds that in order to help their kids, parents need to stay abreast of new technologies. 

"If a parent is completely unfamiliar with computers, social media, smart phones and the like, it becomes frighteningly easy for their kids to conceal online activity from them, and this can in turn become a potentially dangerous situation."

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