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Tantrums with fewer tears
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Coping and caring - tantrum tolerating


Linda with Mel & Emily
For Karen, splitting up her twins as soon as a tantrum starts, helps diffuse the situation. ‘They certainly make each other worse if left together,’ she reveals. ‘We have to remain firm, give them time to calm down and then explain we will not have that behaviour in our home.’

Linda Jones, author of twins website GotYourHandsFull.com agrees. ‘You need to deal with the tantrum as calmly and firmly as you can so that both children get the right signals. You have to bear in mind that how you deal with a current tantrum may have a bearing on future ones.’

Linda advises trying to avoid them before they start: involve your children in what you’re doing, if you’re shopping in the supermarket then let them help you as far as they are able. ‘Bored children who feel they need more attention are more likely to have a tantrum,’ she explains.


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Article Plan Tantrums with fewer tears
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