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Celebrate the meaning of Christmas with your children
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Preparing for Christmas Day


Get the kids involved as much as possible. They enjoy it, and it makes them feel grown up.

Decorate the tree together with baubles and tinsel. It's every kid's dream to help decorate the tree! Go holly-picking and decorate your house too.

 -Get the kids involved in Christmas dinner. They're perfectly capable of giving a hand, provided you guide them in what the adults like as well as using their suggestions.  

- Decorate your table: if you're arty, spend an afternoon making table decorations with your children and let them take the finery to the table on Christmas Day.  

- Make home-made presents such as cards, photo frames with a family photo in, napkin holders, candle holders, etc. On Christmas Day, put them all in a basket and ask a child to distribute them around your guests. 

-Try making quick gingerbread men, chocolate truffles and other treats. Even the youngest can take part in simple cooking, and they'll be proud to have made something the rest of the family can enjoy.


Sarah Horrocks
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