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Introducing children to music and rhythm

Introducing children to music and dancing


It's lovely to introduce your child to the music you like, as well as different types of music, from classical to rock 'n' roll to jazz and reggae - you'll probably find your child's musical tastes are very broad so don't limit the kind of music they listen to. Remember that different types of music do have an affect on your child's mood, though, so if you want to spend some calm time together you should choose something more soothing like a piece of classical music as more upbeat music will act as a stimulant and get them jumping around all over the place!

You may find younger children don't respond so well to music without any kind of visual context. If that's the case spend some time looking at pictures or looking at the CD cover before or while you listen to music. If you're listening to a classical piece you could try and find some pictures of different instruments and explain 'this is a violin playing right now - here's what a violin looks like', for example.

Children will also love providing their own musical accompaniment to the recorded music and this is certainly something to be encouraged. You may have some toy instruments at home but if you don't simply bashing away on a saucepan with a wooden spoon can have the same effect! Or you could make shakers to shake along to the music - all you need is something like an empty pot or small water bottle filled with rice or small pasta shapes such as macaroni. As your child bangs or shakes away try to explain the basic concept of rhythm and beats.

Dancing should also be fully encouraged! It's a great way for both you and your child to have a real giggle together, get that blood flowing and release some good mood-boosting serotonin. Seeing you dance in extravagant, silly style will truly delight your child and will show them just how life-enhancing music and dance can be.


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