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Children and video games: risks from children playing video games
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Children and video games: risks from children playing video games

My son is 8 and he loves video games that involve fighting, wars and killing... anything that's violent.

I’d like to know if it could have an influence on him and if it’s possible that he’ll become violent and a bad person.

L.C: Video game manufacturers are legally obliged to publish the content risks (violence, drugs, nudity, etc) of any game on the front of the packaging along with any age recommendation. It's important to check these before buying a game for your children.

If your child likes playing violent video games, you should explain that what happens in the game doesn't conform to reality and that he therefore can't repeat such actions in real life.

Some children might develop aggressive behaviour, for others the opposite is true: playing these types of games will help them let off steam. Every child is different.

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