Children on the Internet: your questions answered
Children: how much time on the Internet?
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Children: how much time on the Internet?

My daughter is 10 years old. How much time should she be spending on the Internet at the most each day?

L.C: There's no standard reply, it's up to the parents to decide the length of time to allow their child or teenager to spend on the Internet.

You should also ensure that your child maintains links in the "real world" by being involved in family activities such as eating together, etc. 

Solange Solong:
We’re the parents of 2 children (11 and 13 years of age), it’s difficult for us to stop them "communicating" with their friends over the Internet. After MSN, they’re now on Facebook, which isn’t easy to control.

Our children have become addicted to anything with a screen: if they're not watching the TV, they’re on the Web, mobile phone, games console. Could this reduce their mental capacity?

I don't think we say for sure that there's a reduction in mental capacity. However, it's certain that their social and family relations will suffer. It's important to make them understand that the Internet remains a leisure activity and to help them better organize their daily lives (homework, time spent with the family, sport, other activities, etc.)

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