Children on the Internet: your questions answered
Children and social networks: children on Facebook
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Children and social networks: children on Facebook

At what age can you leave a child on their own to use social networks without danger?

L.C: It's not necessarily a question of age, but of maturity and knowledge of the risks. A child or teenager who's warned about the risks will be more prudent than a child or teenager who isn't aware of all the risks.
My daughter is signed up to two social networks and she doesn’t want to "be friends with me". I know her password and she knows I know it. She says that I need to trust her. She’s only 11 but she’s very grown-up. What should I do? My fears are in conflict with my ability to trust her.

L.C: I think it's necessary for your daughter to keep some of her privacy even though you have your opinion on her Internet activities. Using a social network can be fun because it's a tool for exchanging and discussing, but you need to make sure that she protects herself.

The privacy settings on Facebook, for example, do not give personal information out to people she doesn't know in real life. Don't forget that Facebook allows you to protect personal information (e.g. by restricting access to her friends only).

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