Children on the Internet: your questions answered
Children and the Internet: house rules
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Children and the Internet: house rules

: What sorts of "house rules" should I put in place for using the Internet?

I'd recommend, as far as possible to put the computer in a communal room, especially for the very young children. Every household should establish their own rules. Plus restrict the time they spend on the Internet, and keep an eye, from a distance, at the sites that your children are looking at.

 Is it necessary to protect or educate them about the world of the Internet? Maybe with a few rules of conduct in place there are fewer risks?
L.C: Educating our children about the Internet is essential to reduce risks. Give them advice such as: don't give out personal information; respect image rights i.e. demand authorization from their friends before they publish a picture of them; don't trust people they've met on the Internet if they don't know them in real life; don't insult or make inappropriate comments on the Internet; check the information they find when doing research.

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