Bedtime stories: The benefits of bedtime stories
Bedtime stories: The benefit of bedtime stories
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Bedtime stories: The benefit of bedtime stories

Get your child involved

4. Give your child an active role in reading time – let them choose which book you read and ask them to tell parts of the story. A reluctant reader can often be encouraged to read by taking turns with a parent, page by page.

5. Ask your child questions about the book. Look at the cover and illustrations together and see if your child can guess the story line. What was their favourite bit of the story? Talking it over afterwards will give you an idea of how much they have understood.

6. Set an example. You are your child’s most important role model so make sure he or she sees you reading – whether it’s a newspaper, a recipe, e-mails or a book. When you’re away from home remember to take along books, story CDs and other material for your child to read and listen to.

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