Bedtime stories: The benefits of bedtime stories
Bedtime stories: Stories for bedtime
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Bedtime stories: Stories for bedtime

Bedtime stories

Jannette Wallis shares her top tips for creating quality time when reading bedtime stories.

1. Family reading time should be about quality rather than quantity. Just 10 minutes of time spent interacting with books with your child will inspire a love and appreciation of reading.

2. Children like routine so try to find a regular daily time for reading that you can both look forward to.  It doesn’t have to be bedtime – bath time, breakfast or after supper can be good times to share a book

3. Make reading exciting: brush up your dramatic skills, use different voices, or insert your child’s name in place of one of the characters. Be lavish with your praise! Try books with colourful illustrations and other interactive elements that help keep them engaged

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