Bedtime stories: The benefits of bedtime stories

Bedtime stories: The benefits of bedtime stories
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Bedtime stories: The benefits of bedtime stories

Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories are a great way to bond with your children and send them off to sleep with a head full of images and adventures. But according to research by Leapfrog, only 24% of parents read to their children just once a week, or in some cases, even less than that.

On average only 16 minutes of bedtime stories are read to children, but there are some tips from educational experts designed to help both you and your child to get more out of story time.

Of course with busy lives and hectic schedules, bedtime stories can fall off the to do list when all you really want is an easy life. Janette Wallis, educational expert for Leapfrog said: "It’s such a key part of every child’s development, and an ideal opportunity for family bonding time."

Reading stories not only activates their imagination, it also helps them drift off to sleep, and feel closer to you as their parent.

These top tips should remind you why bedtime stories are something you should find time for.


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