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 - School Shoes
The starting point of any successful school uniform is shoes. Comfortable, sturdy and properly-fitted shoes are the most important part of your child's school kit. If their feet do not feel good, you can't expect the child to endure six hour school days and playtimes and still have a smile on their face when you pick them up at the school
gate. There are some items (polo shirts for example) which you can afford to skimp on and buy cheaply, but shoes are vital.

Avoids fads and fashion. Your seven-year-old may beg you for ballet-style pumps, but she won't thank you when her slip-ons go flying across the playground and hit someone in the face. School shoes need to be fit for the purpose. Head to a reliable and trusted supplier who will take the time to measure both feet. A good children's shoe retailer will not let you buy inappropriate footwear - they want you to return again and again and are interested in the health of your child's foot! So while cheap and trendy styles may appeal to your child and your purse, avoid them. Likewise, gimmicky shoes with toys in the soles may appeal to son or daughter and make shoe shopping easier, but don't cave in to pressure. Small plastic toys inside a pair of shoes may be a great marketing success, but they are potentially disastrous
and have been banned by several primary schools in Britain.

Tips for school shoe shopping:

  • Buy the best quality you can afford
  • Get your child properly measured by someone who is trained
  • Ensure that you have sturdy straps/buckles
  • Department stores such as John Lewis tend to have a wider choice of styles, but for individual service you might want to visit an independent shoe shop
  • Don't worry about fitting plimsolls - black PE plimsolls are available from a variety of high street and school shops and they do not have to be specially fitted.


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