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Advice for flying with children: taking a flight with a baby
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Advice for coping at the airport with children


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Reduce waiting time
Sometimes children want a story reading to them, or they simply want to play. Fortunately, the majority of airports offer a multitude of opportunities for entertaining young ones.

The best thing is to check out what's on offer beforehand by visiting the websites of both the departure and arrival airports.

Panoramic lounges

Accompany your children to a panoramic lounge where they can see all the airplanes taking off and landing.

Games area

Many airports have games areas specially designed for children, who can play about to their hearts' content.


Stop by at a restaurant as more often than not, they are suitable for children and have a games area. And a little snack is always good for boosting morale!

Exhibitions and curiosities
Some airports host exhibitions that you can visit, and some even have their own attractions.


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