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Advice for flying with children: taking a flight with a baby
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Eat well before and during your flight


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Millions of Canadians go abroad every year, for work, to visit their family and friends, or to go on vacation.

To make your journey more comfortable, professor and doctor Juergen Graf, Lufthansa's Head of Passenger Medical Care and Medical Operation Centre, provides some tips to be sure of arriving in top form.

Food do's and don'ts:
• Eat something light before heading to the airport. There might be a queue at the security checks or at the food kiosks. It's always a good idea to have something in your stomach before takeoff.
• Try to eat fruits and/or vegetables and salad. This type of food prevents you from getting dehydrated. And as you probably won't be able to take such foods into the country you're travelling to, it will encourage you to finish them off during the flight.

• Take a light snack in your hand luggage e.g. a cereal bar. It's easy to carry and a healthy snack is always a good idea.

• Don't eat too much: in a pressurized environment, it might leave you feeling unwell.

• Choose cereals, yogourt, milk, a bit of bread. These are better options when travelling because they're not so heavy, not only for your digestion but for your comfort as well.

• Don't eat any rich food before catching your flight. It might upset your digestive system - especially when you're seated for many hours.

For more information, speak to your travel agent or go directly to airline websites.

To find out more about the services offered to families, visit the Lufthansa website: www.lufthansa.com


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