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What to do when your child is being bullied
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Is classic ‘playground’ bullying the only thing I should be concerned about?


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With the rise in social media, more of our children are out there on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. The playground has now essentially been digitized, and it has become just another platform where bullies can come after other kids.

“Unlike other forms of bullying, it can occur twenty four hours a day, and the bully can remain anonymous,” says Williams. “The nature of cyber space allows the bully to feel more disengaged from the victims, and less sensitive to the hurtful effects of the bullying.”

Williams says that it’s important for parents to closely monitor their child’s Internet usage and if possible, to be a contact in your child’s network. Other tips she suggest for parents is to limit your child’s time online, establish rules for online behavior and safety and become familiar with the ‘chat’ language being used.

If your child is being cyber bullied, it is important to save the messages and contact the school if it involves another student.


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