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11 Strange Inventions to Lighten a Mother's Load

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 28, 2015

Pacifiers that close when they fall, bicycles that transform into small cars, refillable spoons... The number of original inventions for moms will surprise you! And they will help to make your life as a mother a little easier!

Today, it seems that there could be nothing left to invent... However, there are still items capable of surprising us by their ingenuity: including those we are about to discuss! These inventions make life easier for every mom, helping them manage the small details of everyday life. Some seem a bit bulky, some very original, and others will make you say, how did I ever manage without it? Discover these objects that will change your life!

The Body Baby Mop is certainly the most amusing, as well as practical, invention that we have to present. Never again worry about dust build-up! Bath time will be more safe with the Baby Dam, which not only allows you to save water, but also to have more control over baby.

One of the most controversial items is the Time-Out Timer Stool in which the passage of sand calculates the punishment time. The Universal Kids TV Remote Control is considered very useful because it allows you to select the channels to which your children have access. Can you guess what is the best selling item? It's the Raz Baby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier! No wonder: it automatically closes the instant it touches the ground to keep it from getting dirty. It's a dream come true for moms!

As for you: do you have one of these inventions? Which ones would you buy?

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