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10 Things You Miss About Your Child-Free Life

Carla Cain Walther
by Carla Cain Walther Published on July 28, 2014

When you have children things change. Suddenly you have less money, freedom and friendships - it all gets turned upside down when your family grows. Yet, women still feel guilt if they reveal that sometimes they miss their former lives, free of kids and minivans and college funds. Well, you're in a safe place to remember and say a final goodbye to the things you miss about your child free life.

You sacrificed a lot when you became a mother. Your body bears the scars of pregnancy and labor, and you now truly understand the definition of pressure. While your children have given you the highest highs, they've always sent you to the lowest lows. It's no secret that your life changed in both expected and unexpected ways the minute you brought your newest family member home.

Still, some women are afraid to admit that they miss parts of their lives before they had children. Well, we think it's important to look back and remember what you gave up because it'll deepen your appreciation for what you have now.

Here's goodbye to....

One travel bag

Ahhh, yes - that small suitcase or sturdy weekend bag that you used to cart your favorite things to your parents for the holidays. One bag was big enough for all the important things and it went with you everywhere - to that cute guy's house and on that spontaneous plane ride to visit your college besties.

Now when you go on trips - even if they're not overnight - you're saddled with multiple bags full of baby supplies and extra clothes.? Somebody give us a massage already.

Uninterrupted sleep

One thing you learn quite quickly as a mom is that you're on-call 24/7.

?That means a night of restful sleep becomes a distant memory, along with slowly waking next to your partner and cuddling in bed for another hour before finally getting up.


The kind of silence where you snuggle with your pet for the entire afternoon and not worry about hearing, "MOMMY, can I have...", "MOMMY, I want...", "MOMMY, give me..."

No buyer's remorse

Oh man, remember when all your extra cash could go towards cute clothes or a South America backpacking fund?

Well, that's certainly changed! Since your kids seem to grow out of their clothes every six months and that scary university tuition looms overhead, after a few years of buying things for everyone else, you suddenly realize, Wow, I haven't spent any money on myself in a LONG time...

An easy breakup

?We all say "I do" with the hope that love will truly last forever. Sadly, life brings unwanted surprises and people do grow apart.

?But when there's a child involved, a split from your partner will never be as easy as deleting him off social media and forgetting his existence. He's the father of your child and because of that fact he'll be in your life forever.

Late nights

You know...those messy nights that turned into mornings with girl friends who knew all the rebellious things your parents still don't know about! .

At least you've got the pictures to prove that mom used to be a badass who spent money on beers and concert tickets.

Eating and cooking in peace

Yes, there was once a time when you could leisurely buy groceries after work for a recipe you'd been dying to try and then prepare that meal without your kids running around your legs in circles.

And you could also enjoy eating it without worrying if your children are hiding their vegetables, turning their noses up at the food, or kicking each other underneath the table.

Calls from your friends without kids

It might take several years, but eventually a number of your child-free friends assume that you're too busy being a mom to go out and catch up with them.

Impulsive dinner plans

Unless you have a babysitter who's on call, going out for dinner has to be scheduled days or even weeks in advance.

Alone time

...so you can get immersed in a book, get a little frisky with yourself , gab with your oldest friends on Skype, or simply sip on a hot cup of tea.

But remember...

Missing parts of your old life does not mean you'd trade in the one you have now.

?Motherhood enriches you in ways that can't be described, and the joy of seeing someone YOU CREATED grow up and be an influence on the world is overwhelming and humbling. Here's to you, mom!

What do you miss about your old life without kids? Tweet us @wewomenCA!

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