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10 Things that Only Mothers Do

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 10, 2015

Motherhood is like a private club: you only really understand after you've been admitted. While being a mom comes with hugs and laughter, side effects include some bizarre habits that we never could have imagined before being moms. Here are 10 things that are normal only for mothers.

1. Sniffing a diaper

To see if it needs to be changed, of course. All mothers have smelled their baby's diaper, just to make sure. It makes sense, it's better than pulling down the backside of the diaper to see if it's full!

2. Catch vomit with her hands

Baby's burping and spitting up are one thing, but catching vomit in your hands is a strange maternal instinct. Anyway, better to have dirty hands for a minute than for everything to be covered with vomit!

3. Celebrating a poo

A joyful song, a sprint to check out the toilet, an ice cream reward... All moms have done this kind of thing to celebrate the small victories of potty training.

4. Carry a grocery store in her purse

Rusks? Check. Fruit? Check. Peanut butter sandwich cut into shapes in the style of Henri Matisse? Check.

5. An answer for every question

Moms know they seem to know everything. All the same, why do children come running from the other end of the house to ask us a question while dad was right there?

6. Clean a pacifier that fell to the ground with her mouth

Better mom's saliva that the dirt and germs from the floor!

7. Know all the children's songs by heart

Before having children, we were fans of Arcade Fire and Shania Twain, but now we find ourselves singing "Little Green Mouse" constantly.

8. Think about everything

A mother is always aware of everything. She is ready to face any eventuality.

9. She is always alert

From the moment of conception, a mother does everything in her power to protect her child. She always cares about its happiness and security before her own.

10. She loves unconditionally

The love of a parent is boundless, it is unconditional and comes as close as humans can get to universal love, which gives without expectations, purely, selflessly.

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