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Preparing for the birth: Alternative methods
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Fasciatherapy (myofascial release)


 - Fasciatherapy (myofascial release)
This relatively new method (it’s less than 20 years old) is carried out by physiotherapists and is also used for rehabilitation purposes after shock and physical trauma.

What’s it all about?
Fascias have nothing to do with the face, if you’re wondering how on earth this can help you to prepare for giving birth! They are tiny membranes that surround the internal organs, muscles, bones and ligaments and keep your organs working properly. When they suffer any kind of trauma, the membranes retract, causing aches, pains and tension.

How is it done?
Fasciatherapy involves targeted massage. It’s done by qualified, specially trained physiotherapists.

What does it do?
Plainly speaking, fasciatherapy puts your membranes back in the right place and relieves various aches and pains: backache, which is of course very common during pregnancy, sickness, migraines...It also helps you to understand how your body works for a calmer, more ‘visualized’ pregnancy.

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