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Preparing for the birth: Alternative methods
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Pre-natal singing

Pre-natal singing

Pre-natal singing has been around for over 20 years, and more and more expectant parents are using it to prepare for the birth. It can be taken up from the fourth month of pregnancy onwards.  

Sing to your baby
Pre-natal singing is first and foremost a way of forming a relationship with the baby. The sounds are specially designed for pregnancy (deep sounds are often used), so that the baby hears and learns to distinguish between them in the womb. As you progress with it, the baby will react to the sound of your voice and its father’s voice, will recognize and be comforted by the voices he/she heard in the womb once he/she is out in the big wide world!  

During the birth
Vocal and breathing exercises also improve the expectant mother’s ability to recognize the different parts of her body that are involved in the birth: the abdominal muscles, perineum and diaphragm, for example. The exercises also help to control your breathing (you’ll hear this over and over again, but it is so important!)

Everyone can join in
Expectant fathers are also welcome in pre-natal singing classes. By singing together, you can both bond with your baby. If you don’t know anything about music and you can’t sing to save your life it doesn’t matter in the slightest! Everyone is welcome: remember, it’s not about learning to sing, it’s about establishing contact with your unborn baby.  

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