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Preparing for the birth: Alternative methods
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Created after the war by Dutch doctor Frans Veldman, haptonomy is all about ‘touch and feel’ and establishing or re-establishing contact between people. It is used in many different ways, and not just for pregnant women, although it’s best known for helping pregnant women.  

First contact with baby
Haptonomy allows the mother and father to start to bond with their baby via touch. How?
By putting light pressure on the mother’s stomach so that the baby reacts and moves. It’s a unique feeling. A trained specialist is required to help you with the technique, but applying light pressure and ‘rocking’ the baby can also be done at home.  

What use is it?
Haptonomy allows both parents to share the joys of pregnancy and to start bonding with the unborn child. It can also help raise the mother’s awareness of what is happening during birth, because the baby’s position and movements are much better known. You can start haptonomy as soon as the baby has started to move, usually at around 4½ months.  

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