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Preparing for the birth: Alternative methods
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Sophrology is a gentle way of ‘self-reconciliation.’

The basic idea
Created by a psychiatrist, sophrology is a science of conscience and affectivity. It involves relaxation exercises to give you heightened awareness and visualization of your body and help you control your breathing. While it won’t take the pain of giving birth away, it can help to ease it.

How does it work?
You choose a position that’s comfortable for you; sitting is usually best. Under the supervision of a sophrologist, expectant mothers practice visualization exercises with their eyes closed. You’re encouraged to visualize your body and the baby’s place within your body, whilst relaxing and breathing in and out slowly and rhythmically. Once these exercises become familiar to you, you can do them at home whenever you feel tired or worried.

Sophrology helps you to be at one with your changing body, find calm and serenity. At the birth itself, you’ll visualize the baby’s journey into the world, which helps you to breathe in and out at the right moment, in line with what you’ll learn via traditional methods. You can take up sophrology from the fifth month of your pregnancy onwards.

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