Ways to prepare your man for labor

Ways to prepare your man for labour
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Ways to prepare your man for labour

Ways to prepare your man for labour

Childbirth is a beautiful and natural miracle, and while women have nine months to mentally prepare for it, the reality of labour can come as a shock to many men.  So much so that it can have detrimental effects long after.

A recent study conducted by researchers at Oxford University revealed that men have been left mentally scarred – even suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder in extreme cases – after watching their partner go through a difficult childbirth.

Of course while most labours go without a hitch, occasionally things do go wrong in childbirth and doctors may have to perform emergency caesareans or other life-saving operations. 

While this is obviously distressing for the mother, it can also be very traumatic for fathers who suddenly find themselves helplessly witnessing the woman they love and their unborn baby in a potentially life-threatening situation.

As this becomes more widely recognized and acknowledged, there are ways in which men can be better prepared for labour both before and after their significant other gives birth.

Social psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley and author Andrew Watson, who wrote about his own experiences in Down to Earth with a Bump: The Diary of a First-Time Dad, explain the steps that can be taken to ensure men know what to expect when it comes to labour.

Read on to find out how best to prepare your man for labour...

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