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Can women really have a pain-free labour?
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Releasing fear


Dot Parry, midwife, believes hypnotherapy can help smooth the birthing process
Svetlina believes that one of the biggest contributors to pain during childbirth is fear.

“Fear releases adrenalin and the fight or flight response,” she explained. “It is in this state that we experience pain because if we have fear, the body holds back and the birthing becomes extended and the body cannot relax to do what it needs and knows to do.

“When there is no fear, less gets in the way and the body is able to work normally. Levels of adrenaline are very low and levels of oxitocin, which promote a healthy labour, are high. The cervix opens beautifully, the birth canal opens slowly, the baby is relaxed and there is no anxiety. Your body knows what to do but you need to learn to trust it - this is where hypnosis in childbirth comes in.”

Dot Parry, a midwife within the Salford community, is a huge advocate of hypnosis during childbirth as she, like Svetlina, believes it gives the parents a beautiful, serene and calm experience.

“Over the last two years I’ve cared for several women who have used hypnosis during their births, and have had hypnotherapy mums in my NCT classes. These mums were so calm, so powerful during their labours,” she said.

“I’ve seen how hypnosis helps parents to get beyond the fear of birth. They learn to relax, to visualize their goals, let go of their fears and to work towards the best birth experience, safe in the knowledge that they have all the skills they need to get their baby born.

”Even labours that need help can be positive and empowering if a labouring woman knows how to relax, to be calm, to get oxygen to her baby.

“I’m not saying that hypnosis promises a pain-free labour - childbirth is supposed to be hard work, that’s why it’s called labour. But hypnosis can work alongside other forms of pain relief and the more traditional antenatal classes and help people realize that women’s bodies work best when they are relaxed and they feel safe and supported.

“I've lost count of the number of women who say they wish they'd known about hypnosis during childbirth earlier and it would be lovely to see it become the norm and encouraged more within the NHS.”

For more information about hypnosis in childbirth, please contact Svetlina O’Regan at www.blossom-house.co.uk or call her on 07939 598779.


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