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Can women really have a pain-free labour?
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Hypnosis in childbirth


Svetlina O'Regan - hypnotherapist

Hypnosis in childbirth is based on the belief that severe discomfort to the mother and distress to the baby is not a natural accompaniment to labour.

Women instead learn self-hypnosis, including simple but specialized relaxation and breathing techniques, which can lead to an easier, and sometimes, pain-free birth. In 2007, more than 70 per cent of women who used hypnosis during labour had unmedicated, problem-free births (HypnoBirthing Institute, 2009).

Hypnotherapist Svetlina O’Regan has, with the use of hypnosis, helped many mums have an easier birth and she even used it herself when she gave birth to her first child, Alys, now one.

“Many women are afraid of childbirth,” she said. “They hear stories about dramatic and painful births which are also depicted on TV and in the media.

“This causes tension which in turn causes pain and doesn't allow the birth to progress as naturally as it should.

“Hypnosis during childbirth can be pain-free but mainly it encourages women to believe that labour should be a much more comfortable and relaxed experience.”


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