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Caring for premature babies

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 - Caring for premature babies
Over 50,000 babies are born premature in Britain each year. A premature birth is defined as such if it takes place before the eighth month or the 37th week of pregnancy, and extremely premature before the 33rd week.

Twenty years ago, the chances of survival were very low for premature babies, but care and treatment have improved vastly, and there is a good chance that your premature baby will go on to live a full and happy life.  

We focus on the reasons for premature birth, different stages of premature birth, the problems you may encounter if your baby is premature, the latest neo-natal technology used in hospitals, and the development of premature babies as they grow up.    

For more information on premature birth and support for mothers see http://www.premature-babies.co.uk




Sarah Horrocks
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Article Plan Caring for premature babies
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