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Pregnancy and sexuality, birth and couple

Pregnancy and sexuality, birth and couple

When he becomes a father, a man has to accept that his relationship with his partner will change, that he has to change himself and that his partner's status has also changed.

His partner is no longer just the love of his life - she's now a mum. A lot of men find this change the most difficult to come to terms with, but come to terms with their new reality they must! Love and sex don't change, but when husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend become parents, it adds a new dymanic to their relationship. 

Of course, the father doesn't have to be present at the birth if he's afraid he'll find it sexually off-putting, for example, but then and again that's reality and he needs to get it into his head! Child pychiatrist Daniel Bailly says: "The couple has to grow and move from the adolescent stage to the paternal, adult stage."


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