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Be Zen at the Office: It's Possible!

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on March 29, 2015

At work, as in your personal life, things go fast. Very fast. How can you avoid being overtaken by events? These tips will allow you to feel more calm and composed at work, as well as in your life.

First Thing: Breathe!

Overwhelmed? In full crisis management? Exasperated by one of your colleagues? It happens to us all. Take a moment to breathe! When you take ten deep breaths, your stress and anxiety levels decrease automatically, which helps you to manage your emotions. Inhale through your nose to fill your diaphragm and then exhale through your mouth. Repeat.

Straighten Up Your Workspace

Clean your work area and remove unnecessary objects that are cluttering up your space. Once you have straightened up the office, you can focus more on your tasks at hand and be more productive. A messy environment creates blockages. Think about organizing the files on your computer as well.

Move Around

It is always worth repeating that physical activity is beneficial to both physical and mental health. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, expending energy actually gives you more! Embed a morning run into your schedule or give yourself a goal of going to the gym, doing yoga, or CrossFit training at least 3 times a week!

Play Down Problems

You've made a mistake and you're being admonished by the boss? Things are not going according to plan? It's not the end of the world! Consider that there are people who, at that very moment, are waiting for a lung transplant... If you face glitches lucidly, keeping in mind that life will go on, you'll be more effective.

Think Positive

Learn to see things from a better perspective. Unpleasant and stressful situations will always be present, but you have the power to change the way you perceive and address them. Of course, lying to oneself is not the solution; we just learn to clear the hurdles on the path of life.

Drink Water

As water is the main component of the human body, it follows that we must stay hydrated! This allows for better oxygenation of the brain at the same time as it provides you with energy and improves your mood. If you find that drinking water is bland, you can add a wedge of lemon, fresh ginger, or cucumber slices to give it some flavour.

Organize Your Schedule

The accumulation of tasks is one of the biggest stressors, especially when time is short. To get a better idea of the tasks expected of you and evaluate your chances of accomplishing them, organize your schedule in order to visualize your work and to reduce ambiguity.

Take a Moment for Yourself

Yes, it can be difficult to fit this into a busy day, but just a moment can do the trick. Go for a walk outside, just to change your surroundings. Sip a coffee while reading a few pages of a magazine. The idea is to get your eyes off of the computer screen or your files in order to come back to them refreshed and more productive.


Yes, the idea may sound cliché, but meditation is really beneficial! It is sometimes difficult to empty your mind, but, while at work, try to follow your thoughts a few times throughout the day. This helps to clear away harmful states of mind such as anger, anxiety, or fear. Take advantage of the process to learn more about yourself.

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by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard
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