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8 Canadian Actresses Who Are all the Rage Abroad

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on March 25, 2015

These eight women have many things in common: they are all talented, gorgeous, and have successful careers. Above all, these professionals share a common origin, Canada! We are proud of these actresses who represent us at home and abroad.

Rachel Lefevre

Some will recall Stacey from Big Wolf on Campus. Others might remember her portrayal of Victoria from Twilight. We are still being charmed by this brilliant actress! It is interesting to follow her career over the past several years. She is known south of the border for her roles in the series A Gifted Man and Under the Dome. She will star opposite John Cusack and Ryan Philippe in the feature film Reclaim, which will be released in September 2015.

Rachel McAdams

She brought us all to tears in The Notebook (yes, you too!). Born in London, Ontario, Rachel McAdams is a famous star in the United States. She has starred in a number of blockbusters, such as The Hot Chick, Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers, and The Vow.

Jessica Paré

Best known for the role of Megan Draper in the American series Mad Men, Jessica Paré has got people talking in the United States. She will long be remembered for her sensual rendition of Gillian Hills song, Zou bisou bisou. The actress said she was very sad to see Mad Men come to an end, and she is not alone! The birth of the baby she is expecting with John Kastner, the Quebec rocker, will surely change her mind.

Ellen Page

Who can forget the poignant coming out of Ellen at the Time to Thrive Conference of the Human Rights Campaign? We love Ellen for her authenticity and her slightly boyish looks. Her roles in X-Men, Juno, and Inception have solidified her reputation in the United States.

Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders, best known as Robin Scherbatsky of the popular series How I Met Your Mother, is from Vancouver. After that series ended, she starred in several films, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers, and They Came Together. She recently became the mother of a little boy and is now pregnant with a second baby.

Evangeline Lilly

Born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, she grew up in British Columbia. Evangeline is known around the world for the role of Kate in the series Lost. She also starred in the popular film The Hurt Locker and The Hobbit: TheDesolation of Smaug. She currently lives in Hawaii (poor thing...).

Emily Bett Rickards

For four years, this Vancouverite has been a member of the cast of the television series Arrow in which she plays the lovable Felicity, alongside Toronto's Stephen Amell. This is her first screen role... talk about starting a career in style!

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui is a native of which Canadian city? Answer: Montreal! She went to try her luck in the United States 15 years ago, and succeeded with flying colours. An actress and activist of Moroccan descent, she has already played alongside Adam Sandler, Adrian Grenier, and Kevin Connolly. Lucky woman! In addition to dedicating herself to her acting career, Emmanuelle is also an activist for the project Raise Hope for Congo.

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