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10 college essentials every freshman needs

Vivian KELLY
by Vivian KELLY Published on September 6, 2013

Going off to college is a super-exciting time in every teenager's life, but the stress of organizing board, groceries, books and enrollment can all become overwhelming. That mental list in your head can go on forever! So before you start pulling out your hair, we've come up with an awesome list of 10 college essentials that no freshmen in college can do without. Ace!

Pens, check. Calculator, check. A-line college ruled paper, check. Hold-up. You're a freshman in college! Most of your college days will be spent writing daily 'to do lists' and 'study lists' so don't exhaust your brain just yet.

​We know how it feels when you have tons of things to organize. So before your brain goes haywire on us, take a breather and check out our handy-dandy list of essential items every college student needs...

Life planner

Personalized stationery is so in right now, but if there was one office supply must-have you need you'll want a planner to see you through the year. Not just any old planner - a life planner. All those classes, after school clubs and committee meetings will never go amiss! We love this Life Planner by Erin Condren. Price: USD $50.00 (plus shipping).


Everyone knows that a laptop is like the number one item on every student's list! It’s costly, but it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. Be smart with your purchase. Check out this baby. This Lenovo Yoga Laptop is a tablet and laptop in one – making it perfect for work and play. Play games, watch movies and write notes! Price: $729.99.

First-Aid kit

Ever wake up wondering where you got that scratch from? College parties are guaranteed to give you a scrape or two. And let’s not forget your mission to cook a mega feast at 3AM (often resulting in a burnt or cut finger). Ouch. Be prepared with this value Johnson and Johnson's First Aid Kit. You'll be glad you did! Price: $9.99.

Laundry basket

Every student falls victim to mountains of dirty laundry. Those piles of laundry (gross) will be no more with a nifty laundry set. Try this Ikea trio - the great thing about this is that you can separate darks, whites and colorful clothes - no-one will ever know you had a dirty pit! It will make your life SO much easier (and your room mate like you more). Get this SKUBB 3 Piece Laundry Set from Ikea. Price: $16.99.


We don't always have a guy around to carry our books so it’s essential to have a backpack or messenger bag to help us with the load. This Geo Panel Square Backpack is perf for fall and a total must for college. Price: $29.99.


Every one needs a lean mean fat grilling machine! For some, it will take some time before getting the hang of basic recipes so until then, forget McDonalds and Ramen Noodles, this machine can cook up a (healthy) storm in just minutes. You'll deffo have time to make it on time for that Frapp party after all. We suggest the George Foreman Portable Grill. Price: $29.99.

Desk Lamp

Get ready, because this desk lamp is going to be your BFF all year. Those godawful nights studying will definitely require some light. Try this solar powered lamp, it might save you a buck or two. Fled LEX Desk Lamp from Sears. Price: $27.21.


Something you’d probably rather do without - this handy alarm clock will ensure you get to class on time every morning. It’s battery controlled so you can take it wherever you are and if you knock it over (out of anger) it’s got a sturdier outer shell than most clocks. Room Essential Rubber Alarm Clock. Price: $9.99.


Picking your first comforter is not always a walk in the park. Should you go for girly florals or minimalist designs? Pick a design that best expresses you and be fun with it! We love Target’s Xhilaration comforters. This super-cute floral will add a touch of femininity to any college dorm. PS - don’t get too carried away with plain Jane materials, they'll show up any stains much more. Go for this fun Xhilaration Photoreal Floral Reversible Comforter Set. Price: $49.99.


This little lifesaver is bound to be forgotten on move-in day. Sadly, Mom and Dad can’t do your ironing anymore! It’s time to get to grips with the real world and buy yourself your own iron. This Proctor Silex Nonstick Iron is budget friendly and does the job. Price: $12.69.

Feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders yet? What college essentials would you add to the list? Tweet us @wewomenCA

by Vivian KELLY
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