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Short Choppy Hairstyles

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Short Choppy Hairstyles

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Whether it's a pixie cut, a crop or a bob, these short, choppy hairstyles are all showstoppers!

These short looks can instantly go from dainty and girly to edgy and fierce. All it takes is a little extra styling, and you've got a completely different 'do. Who doesn't want a haircut this versatile?

When celebs want to mix up their look, their first move is a new chopped 'do. This year, those beauties who've always rocked their lusciously long locks have cut them off in favor of a new short cut.

We've pulled together some of the best short, choppy celeb hairstyles of all time.

Take some inspiration from the stars, and get ready to rock a short, choppy look!

By Stephanie Ashley on May 15, 2014