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Queen of the Brow: Shavata's rule
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Eyebrows at home


© Shavata Tweezers - £19.50
Feeling lighter and infinitely more socially-acceptable, I leave Shavata's Brow Bar, in the new Westfield's Debenhams, with a smile. It's akin to the feeling you get after a great haircut. I'm bouncing down the avenue.

Now my monstrous brows have been tamed and groomed into submission I am anxious to keep them so.

"If you want a professional finish you have to use professional tools", Shavata told me. Her own range of tweezers come in a slanted version and a pointed version for tweezing those teeny dots of hair. They're Swiss-made, hand-finished and balanced to perfection. Better yet, they'll never let you down as long as you don't drop them.

Having a great pair of tweezers makes shaping at home less painful too.

Shavata's entire eyebrow range consists of 15 products. I'm tempted - I've never before considered splurging on eyebrow care before now although I do own a rather expensive pair of Tweezerman tweezers which would have served me right had I know how to pluck in the first place. Now I've got the shape, I want nothing more than to maintain my new look! I'm swayed. I want the gel, I want the pencil...

I want to be the sort of women who can't live without them.

I want to be Catherine Zeta Jones.

Shavata has six Brow Bars and six Lash Lounges throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland - for your nearest studio location and to purchase Shavata eyebrow care products check out www.shavata.co.uk

Studio treatments cost from £24 for a shape.
Tweezers cost from £19.50.


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